On resisting becoming a hollow careerist…

Am writing something for print publication about Barbara Castle and the fortieth anniversary of the 1968 Transport Act – which will appear on here later. But one quote from her that I came across in the research struck me.

‘There are great temptations to play safe, and then I think a slow moral corruption sets in…the higher you go the more you’ve got to lose. It becomes easier to argue with yourself. And it can be a very tricky thing indeed, this. You need timing and you need judgement and you need courage’

Which reminded me of a Julian Cope quote from his autobiography, ‘Repossessed’

‘The road to enlightenment was an uphill cycle path with a maximum speed of 5 mph. And every day was getting steeper. The road to narrow-mindedness was an eight-lane freeway, downhill all the way. It would have been such a pleasure to drive on. But I couldn’t take the risk – there was no f******g speed limit at all’

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