The UK’s role in the crisis deserves emphasis, because contrary to conventional wisdom, the dynamics at its heart started there. The Thatcher government set out to attract financial business from New York by advertising London as a place where US firms could escape onerous domestic regulation. The government of Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown continued the strategy, leading Brown to boast that theUK had ‘not only light but limited regulation.’ Robert Wade Oct 2008

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From mid-2013 to mid-2014, corporate buying of existing properties exceeded $600bn (£395bn) in the top 100 recipient cities, and $1trillion a year later – and this figure includes only major acquisitions (eg. a minimum of $5m in the case of New York City).

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today’s large-scale corporate buying of urban space in its diverse instantiations introduces a de-urbanising dynamic. It is not adding to mixity and diversity. Instead it implants a whole new formation in our cities – in the shape of a tedious multiplication of high-rise luxury buildings. Saskia Sassen

seagulls_signAmong the products of the Thames Plate Glass works was glass used on stage to make actors invisible

Among the products of the Thames Plate Glass works was mirrors to make actors on stage in invisible to audiences

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The possibility of life’s survival on the planet (Patrick Keillor 2010)

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