From mid-2013 to mid-2014, corporate buying of existing properties exceeded $600bn (£395bn) in the top 100 recipient cities, and $1trillion a year later – and this figure includes only major acquisitions (eg. a minimum of $5m in the case of New York City). today’s large-scale corporate buying of urban space in its diverse instantiations introduces […]


It is solved by walking

  Went to see the Richard Long exhibition at the Tate Britain. At first there seems something banal, too cool and reductive about it – but then like settling into the rhythm of a long walk… Relativity and measurement Straight lines and meanders Stone and water Movement and stillness Outside and Inside The transient and […]

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Green Alliance Climate Change debate

Went to an interesting debate hosted by the Green Alliance last night, which featured leads from the three main parties on climate change. Key themes: – the biggest issue on climate change is can a global deal be done (given this requires the developed world to support the developing world)? – there is a consensus between […]

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Waking life

Watched Richard Linklater’s ‘Waking Life’ on the laptop on an evening train from Euston to Liverpool tonight. I’d seen it before so I knew broadly what to expect and let the animated talking heads undulate and philosophise as my eyes drifted from the screen to the views out of the window, and back again. The train was quiet and the landscape seemed […]

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