The Dagenham Idol

Something I wrote a while back… 1. BARKING The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham was, he thought, London’s answer to East Berlin. An unremarked workers state. Part of a vast metropolis of public housing that accelerated away from the City before running out of energy and finally losing itself, ten miles out, in the […]

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The Tower Project – Euston

‘The angels are uncertain if they are living among the living or the dead” In 1999 the Euston Tower (a 1970, standard issue, office tower block) was being refurbished. Deborah Warner took the opportunity to put in the Tower Project installation. You took the lift to where she had taken three floors near the summit […]

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Acre Lane, London SW9

SEMI-FICTIONALISED DISTORTION Acre lane? Jesus, that road is like a bad hangover. Sweating off another night of cheap larger down the Patrick Hamilton. Misdirected separated males. Litter swirling into the tatty hedges. Fluff from the laundry eddies round the Hopeless Wanker’s beer garden. Doesn’t make the place feel any cleaner though. I was pleased to […]

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