Transylvania to London by Train

1,800 kilometres of rail travel from Transylvania to London by train. Enter a trance state – addicitve – as Europe roles by. From crumbling platforms and clapped out second hand trains in Romania the trains progressively speed up and the economy solidifies into prosperity. The edge disappears. The golden fields unspool into the mountains and […]

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Inside the Bunker – the jungle

In World War Two the Nazis took to building massively re-inforced ‘Flakturm’ vertical bunkers in the sky as anti-aircraft citadals to protect their premier cities – including Vienna. With walls feet thick it would have taken a series of direct hits to dent them. Wien got four of them. They are imposing brutalist sheer concrete cliffs with balconied […]

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I had a strange dream…

I dreamt I was on a bus as it went down and down a long tunnel deep beneath a hill. Down into a cavernous saltmine. And when I got there, there was hundreds and hundreds of people down there. Playing table tennis and badminton. Eating picnics. There were sandpits, swings and helterskelters…

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I needed a day out at the weekend and was strangely drawn to Blackpool. Blackpool is culture shock- staggeringly and comprehensively ugly. The definition of seedy. Massively poor. Ten thousand clapped out B and Bs under the sky. Every now and again people try and re-frame the place through ‘iconic’ regenerative gestures (Blackpool is immune to the healing sedative powers […]

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