Batley project

New photographic project…work in progress…can be found here: Batley was the rough end of West Yorkshire’s heavy woollen district. Epic Irish slums turning out what was known as Shoddy. Taking wool rags and clothes and recycling them into carpets, blankets and uniforms. More illiterate Irish flood in. Shoddy Barons, a shoddy King, a shoddy […]

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Peatlands Way

  Picture story of the 50 mile circular Peatlands Way walk in South Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire can be found here. The walk takes in the Humberhead Peatlands – the largest complex of lowland raised peat bogs in the country and well off the beaten track.

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Crosby Beach in the Stuck Summer

The rubble extends the land Spills out onto the beach like no longer legal tender from under a mattress of green grass Lintels, colonnades, vitreous tiles, bricks from Accrington and Flintshire Merchants mansions, warehouses, profitable enterprises All the bombsites and slum clearances of the North The bonfires on the brick dust plains crackle All Unbuilded […]

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Slow York

I’ve started up a new web outlet – ‘Slow York’. A Tumblr site about getting lost in York – away from the main tourist ruts. York’s superdense historic core is ringed by leaden encampments of suburban public and private housing. It’s real commerce, like everywhere else, is conducted within earshot of its orbital roads. It’s […]

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