Eastern Bloc cranking exploits

For those who are partial to this kind of thing. My crankhandle smugmug site (in all its much better new version glory) is now home to some new photostories on the heavy duty cranking thrills that can be had behind the former Iron Curtain. First up is a trip along the Baltic coast from Hel […]

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Peatlands Way

  Picture story of the 50 mile circular Peatlands Way walk in South Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire can be found here. The walk takes in the Humberhead Peatlands – the largest complex of lowland raised peat bogs in the country and well off the beaten track.

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Picture story of three week trip through Georgia can be found here Feat: pipeline politics, animal sacrifices near the Chechen border and Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed

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where our stuff comes from…

It’s not made by the pixies – but it comes from secluded places, so distant, that it might as well have been made by Martian pixie robots. From one big shed with no windows to a container ship to another big shed with no windows. And then it appears – like magic. In a wired […]

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