Some Tilda Swinton sites and connections

My favorite portraits of Tilda Swinton – by Kim Andreolli

The blessed Tilda is now better known after winning an Oscar…and how cool is this for a morning after winning an Oscar pic?

She’s also been attracting more attention recently for her domestic arrangements in the far North of Scotland. Her husband John Byrne was the creator of the lost classic ‘Tutti Frutti’ comedy drama about the reunion tour of a washed up rock and roll band which featured the then relatively unknown Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson. Richard Wilson was great in the show as the band’s manager, Eddie Clockerty. Love to see it again (it was only broadcast twice – twenty years ago, though the net suggests it may yet be re-released on DVD). Richard Wilson would be far better remembered for this than the godawful one-note, ‘one foot in the grave’.

I was lucky enough to see Tilda Swinton on the stage in 1988 (she prefers cinema to the stage) at the Royal Court theatre in ‘Man for Man’. A one woman play by Manfred Karge about a German woman who survives the worst of the 20th Century by pretending to be a man. Roaring and owning the stage in a donkey jacket and construction worker’s boots.

Though I never did see her in ‘The Maybe’ – where she slept in a glass case as part of a Corneila Parker instalation at the Serpentine gallery in 1995.

Tilda was also Muse to St Derek Jarman and she’s been keeping the flame alive in a series of valedictions, letters,

lectures and a recent documentary (which I haven’t yet seen).

One of these lectures is an extra feature on the BFI DVD of ‘Last of England’ – the text of which went something like this.

A second lecture was published in Vertigo magazine and echoes some of the same themes.

You can also see her here giving a wider talk about her ‘life in pictures’ for BAFTA.

So British yet so other worldly. Those eyes and that voice, are encapsulated in this…

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